It’s been Beautifully Wet in Here

It’s been Beautifully Wet in Here Previous item La Fortuna's farmer's fair

Ok, 2015 has been quite an estrange year in the matter of weather. While North Pacific Coast has been extremely dry, the other side of the country, including Arenal, has been extremely rainy. This is mostly usual except for the word “extremely”. We even managed to run, for first time ever, entirely on renewable sources of energy for 75 consecutive days, (mostly hydroelectric power) due to the massive amount of water in dams across the country.

Of course that much water may make you kinda want to stay at the hotel and complain about the weather. That might be a big mistake! It’s beautiful out there! It’s never been so green and fresh like this year. I’m saying this because I was doing exactly that this weekend; staying inside and complaining about the weather. Yet I decided to get out and take some photos of the very first thing I find in my way.

I have to tell you that I’m nothing but a photography zealot and my skills are basic. However everything looked so good, so alive that it was almost imposible not to take a few nice pictures. Let me share a few ones with you:

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