La Fortuna’s farmer’s fair

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Every Friday starting at 6am, farmers open the doors of Las Espuelas Saloon to offer their goods. Although now a day you can find almost everything in supermarkets, people still visits “La Feria” to get their fresh vegetables and fruits. There is something about tradition and warm touch of the farmers that make us trust and get their products, in a price that is fair to both parts. It is also a great place for visitors to get in touch with locals and try some treats and fresh tropical fruits.

“La Feria is, for the older generations, the Facebook of now a days, a place where you greet and share with friends”

La Feria offers a wide variety of products, it not only sells fruits and vegetables, but also, fish, shrimp, chicken, cheeses and sour cream, ornamental plants and traditional meals like “tamales”, “picadillos” and home made breads.

Farmers here are very organized, they have settled an association which runs the fair matters and have agreed that every family of farmers will sell different products from the others. A kind of internal monopoly regulated by the external prices of supermarkets, that keeps the environment chill and prevents disgusts between families.

One of these, is Morales Campos family, whose head is Don Yimer Morales. They offer: squashes, cassava, chicken eggs, plantains and many others. The business is run by him and his sons and they’re known to be friendly and kind. Last time one of his sons was going to get married, Don Yimer invited almost every single one of his clients to the ceremony and further “fiesta”.

“I’ve been selling my products at La Feria for almost 16 years now. I enjoy coming here mostly because of people, I get to see and talk to them and make new friends”
-Don Yimer Morales

Next time you visit La Fortuna, visit La Feria and try some fresh fruits and traditional meals at “la cocina” (the kitchen), it’s a nice experience with the locals and you will be supporting the farmers.

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