Arenal 4 in 1

Arenal 4 in 1


Try a well thought schedule created in order to fill your day with activities that you can’t miss.


Full day of adventure

Arenal 4 in 1 is a special tour package wich perfectly distributes your time,  offering a previously organizated schedule by experts on which activities travelers prefer from Arenal. Is important to consider that this package is specially designed for people that is going to stay in Arenal for not too long and want to do as much activities as posibble. If what you want are details and got enough time to know deeply Arenal atributes you might find this package too short, heavy and rushed. Something remarcable of this package is that they still maintain for you the opportunity to choose. Basically, there are two different packages to which you can give the final touch to make it just for you. You’ll have the oportunity to choose the morning tour (first one) between two options and the final one, which consists in a thermal balneary.

Morning tour options:

Arenal Hanging Bridges:

Includes tickets to  Hanging Bridges. Perfect for those who love hiking. Over 2.5 km of trails through a thick rainforest layer and 15 bridges from 5 to 100 m long and some over 70 m high. This trail is full of vegetation & fauna and amazing views of the Arenal Volcano from the heights.

Safari Float:

A very good option to low the intesity of the package. Enjoy the sights and the sounds of the tropic; experience its peacefulness as quietly paddling down the Peñas Blancas river. Monkeys, sloth’s, iguanas, crocodiles and numerous tropical birds await you!

And for the rest of the day:

La Fortuna Waterfall:

Back to La Fortuna the tour takes ahead for the waterfall by car. Once there, hike to La Fortuna Waterfall and let your sight be amazed by the view of the 70 m high waterfall, and refresh yourself swimming at the river . Later on, drive back to La Fortuna for lunch.

Arenal National Park Hike:

At 3:00 p.m. tour continues to the Arenal National Park, here cross a path of solid lava from 1992, the tour guide will talk about the natural and geological history of the volcano and enjoy an overwhelming but undoubtedly beautiful view of Arenal Volcano and Lake Arenal.

End up the day with gold brooch at the Hot Springs

Tabacón/Baldí/ Eco Termales /Titoku/ The Springs

Leaving the park the bus will take you in a 20 min ride to the Hot Springs, here you can enjoy the relaxing baths and waterfalls. At the end of the day, before driving everybody back to the hotel, a delicious buffet dinner. You may be wondering which is the difference between one hot springs and anothers, but it is actually very significant considering that everyone have distinct preferences.

 Tabacón Hot Springs

Ideal for nature lovers. This Hot Springs maintain the concept of Tabacon thermal river. Hot water runs across small waterfalls and pools that recreate the river course. Surrounded by the mystic of the forest and at Arenal Volcano slopes.

Baldí Termae

The biggest hot springs complex on Arenal. They offer different atractives for the whole family. They count with 4 slides and an special water playground for the smallest ones. Many pools with different ranges of temperature are also available.

The Springs Thermals

Luxe beautified by forest elegance featuring Arenal Volcano attributes such as hot springs and an astonishing view of La Fortuna region seductive giant. A place to be enchanted by  thermal water running down in harmony of fine and luxury infraestructure and magic waters with therapeutic effects.

 Eco Termales Hot Springs

Private and silent facilities. Guarantees a relaxing experience shutting you off from the outside world. Get into the forest and connect with yourself.

Titokú Hot Springs

Relax while feeling like in your own house. Be confortable in a small, private and cozy facilities ideal to share with your relatives.

Important Transportation Note:

Make sure you’ll be staying within our transportation coverage area. Otherwise a higher transportation rate will be applied.

If you are located out of this area, contact us to advise you on what transportation options are available and which suits you better.


  • Lunch and Dinner

  • All entrance fees

  • Transportation

  • Guide

  • Bottled water


7:30 to 21:00 approx.


7:30 approx.

Recommended gear

  • Pants

  • Hiking shoes

  • Jacket or Raincoat

  • Bug repellent

  • Camera

  • Extra Clothes

+ Hot Springs

  • Swimsuit

  • Extra clothes


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