Venado Caves

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Venado Caves


Give yourself the chance to meet and underground world made by a sub terrain river with halls and chambers carved out of limestone, beautifully adorned with stalactites and stalagmites.

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Mystery in a hidden jewel

After a journey in vehicle across San Carlos lands and typical landscapes you’ll reach Venado Caves, at the facilities. A guide will give you equipment necessary to face this trip inside millenary rock structures. The length of the tour inside the caves is 1 ½ hour, during this time you’ll be walking among rock walls with the chance to find marine fossils, bats, spiders and crickets.

These caves were formed during the Miocene period, around 15 or 20 million years ago. For many years they were under sea level and due to tectonic movements they surfaced. Studies have shown that the Guatuzos aborigines discovered the caves several years ago. Now, this caves full of secrets are open to be explored by you.

You’ll enter to a whole new world by passing through the entrance of the caves. Once there, many emmotions will be blended inside you.  Limestone rocks, stalactites, stalagmites and corals, form most of the cave, turning this place into a huge box of adventures and, of course, a thrilling kind of hike, as there are variety of chambers to explore while you are surrounded of deep darkness.

The whimsical stone formations are created by the underground rivers, this means that there is an extra challenge when it comes to climbing or crawling to pass from one room to another. The pressence of rivers makes it challenging but also amusing as more adventure is added.

History of this mystery

Rumors about the existence of caves nearby were common since 1935 among the inhabitants of Venado of San Carlos. But they were not discovered until 1945, when on a hunting trip, Lael Herrera stumbled across the first two caverns

The first serious explorations of the caves were made by french explorer Robert Vergenes, but he only traverse the first 350 meters leaving many mysteries and questions unresolved. In 1969 the AEC, a United States Governmment Organization, became interested in the caves and launched three simultaneous exploration parties

Today, 10 caverns have been mapped totaling over 2,700 meters. Most caverns have sufficient headroom to permit explorers remain standing, while few others are up to 35 meters tall.

Besides this studies, many mysteries are still latent, there are rooms waiting to be discovered, waiting for some brave qualified expert to enter. Meanwhile explorations beyond aren’t held as it is too dangerous. Eventhought there are various caves, only a few of those can be accessed for tourists as they require experience and complex shunting.

Important Transportation Note

Make sure you’ll be staying within our transportation coverage area. Otherwise a higher transportation rate will be applied.
If you are located out of this area, contact us to advise you on what transportation options are available and which suits you better.


  • Transportation
  • Entrance fee
  • Equipment for cave exploration
  • Guide
  • Bottled water


05 hours approx.


8:00 or 13:00 approx.

Recommended gear

  • Long pants
  • Water shoes
  • Towel
  • Extra clothes

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